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Illuminazione e fotografia forense
L’Istituto è rappresentante italiano di Moveed®, marchio internazionale produttore di:
  • strumentazione per l’illuminazione forense
  • strumentazione per la fotografia forense
  • sistemi di illuminazione portatile per la polizia e gli investigatori
  • strumenti per il rilevamento e lo sviluppo delle impronte digitali

Prodotto in promozione (filtro per impronte digitali)

Forensic Multi-spectral Fingerprints Photography System
Introduction of the product
The observation instrument uses imported high brightness LED light source, aviation aluminum alloy housing and high-performance lithium-ion batteries. It is mainly used to observe and take photos of dust fingerprints and fluorescence powder fingerprints. Convenient charging, no memory effect.

Electrical characteristics
Model: OR-GDZ10, battery voltage: 3.7V
Working time: >120 min, charging current: 500mA
Magnification times: 5 times, battery capacity: 1,000mAh
Light source
1. Lighting light: white, green, blue, red, purple. Any four of them are optional.
2. Side light source: white, blue, green, red. Any three of them are optional.
Three Bandpass
Filter red, orange and yellow.
EUR 475,00 (includes VAT 22%)

Prodotto in promozione (luci forensi multi-banda)

Forensic Multi-bands Detection Uniform Output LED Light
The flashlight uses imported high brightness LED light source, aviation aluminum alloy shell and high-performance lithium-ion batteries.
It has a hidden type sealing ring, enabling it waterproof, compression resistant and shock proof.
Convenient charging, no memory effect.
Main parameters
1. Power: white light: 3W
2. Lithium-ion battery: 3.7V 2,200mAh
3. Light spot size at 0.5 m: 22.5 mm in diameter
4. Continuous working time: More than 3 hrs
5. Adopting projector-type optical principle: uniform lighting, wide projection
6. Uniform light spot output, without chromatic aberration or light streaks.
7. A single button controls strong and low light as well as switch
8. Dimension: diameter of cylinder: 30 mm, total length: 165mm
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